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This is an unexpectedly-arising sickness, often producing physical symptoms, which is accompanied by intense anxiety, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and stomach complaints.  Events, anxiety and fear sweep us away at these times and we helplessly endure what is happening.

Sometimes it is obvious what has triggered it and sometimes this factor is not apparent. It often arises at night in our dreams just when we are dreaming that we are drowning or that we can’t breathe.


In the case of panic attacks linked to agoraphobia (a fear of being in proximity to other people) it is impossible to use public transport. It is often associated with claustrophobia (a fear of being enclosed – e.g. in lifts).


In therapy for panic disorder great importance is placed on mindfulness meditation, which immediately reduces anxiety and helps in the adoption of distance from fear-inducing thoughts. We open up the elicited condition and the problems of connecting with others through dynamic discussions. We correct the false thoughts and faulty reactions in group CBT. The stress can be partly worked off after regular, careful exercise.


First of all we carry out a thorough diagnostic consultation for those who come to us with different types of panic disorder. Following this, we collectively decide what length of treatment to advise.


Generally, a 2-3 month residential treatment is justified in the case of patients with panic disorder, but every case is unique and so it is best if the actual treatment period is decided during the course of therapy


Where possible, treatment with medication takes place supported and complemented by a course of psychotherapy work. Hungarian and international psychiatric regulations are taken into account, and the details are discussed with the patient.


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