Our Philosophy

Our Name

  • Swan Lake refers to Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet, in which “evil” pits itself against “good” and, in the end, “good” triumphs. In the context of therapy, the bad side of our human nature and personality also competes with the good. However, the acceptance and integration of our less favourable side is capable of creating a new outlook and a harmonious and contented life. We would like to put into practise, both in the therapy and in life, the grace of the ballet and of the swans’ movements.
  • Swans have spread onto Lake Balaton in the past 15 to 20 years. Many people are drawn to their gentle aspect and their peaceful and graceful motion.
  • The swan is a symbol of inner maturity and, at the same time, of transformation.


Our Methods

  • Integrated approach: we do not heal the illness but the person suffering from it. We employ Hungarian and European scientific cures and psychotherapeutic approaches, such as dynamic psychotherapy, cognitive therapy and family therapy. Mindfulness meditation is an important element of our programme. Our practices help to restore the harmonious working of mind and body.
  • Everyday spirituality: for the settling of mind-body problems that emerge it is essential for us to be able to examine our life from a wider perspective. What do we expect from life? What are our goals? Are we going in the right direction? If not, then why not and what do we have to do to amend this?
  • Sport and yoga: daily movement and relaxation exercises constitute an essential part of the creation of mind-body balance.
  • Respect and acceptance: we operate with the smallest possible environmental impact, in harmony with nature and its cycles, in the spirit of mutual acceptance and appreciation of the existence and resources of our environment (the Earth).

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