Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol Addiction


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The problem is not, in reality, that you drink too much alcohol but that you use alcohol as a “life-jacket” for your problems. While the effects of alcohol provided relief for a while, the pattern has established itself in you that alcohol helps.

Of course, after a time the body “craves” alcohol, so its consumption becomes a self-contained physical problem.

You turned to alcohol due to mental causes, but it has evolved into physical dependency (and partly mental because of the temporary relief).

For successful treatment, therefore, it is essential that we take into account both the physical and the mental aspects and restore the upset balance.

The key question is, therefore, “What pain do I want to ease? What can’t I bear?”

If you can answer this question honestly, then you have taken the first important step towards not only breaking the vicious cycle of physical dependency but also to healing the mental wound for which alcohol seems a balm.

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